Price €4.50

Take exact measuring details by using a caliper. When your visual jugdement fails you, the caliper steps in. Measure, compare and correct lengths of brow and tail prior to pigmentation. 

Microblading pencil

Price €7.00

Use this pencil to draw fines hairstrokes prior to pigmentation. The top is sharpened by razorblades (also available here). Do not use a regular sharpener but pull on the ribbon to unwrap the pencil.

Brow Buddy

Price €7.00

With this tool you can create perfectly centered brows and identical arches and tails. Brow buddy will make measuring much easier for you. Define and correct assymetry prior to pigmentation.

Eyebrow Stencil Headbands

Price €24.00

Essential for shaping the perfect brow. Use as a headband and draw shape as given by stencil. This set comes in 12 different styles

WOWbrows caliper "Phi Master" Eyebrow Divider

Price €49.00

The famous golden caliper made by WOWbrows. This exclusive tool in german manufactured quality is a must have for every microblader. A stainless steel precision tool gives you the advantage of the golden ratio. Your customers will be pleased with the results, because their new eyebrows fit perfectly. 

preparatory drawing