Microblading vs Machine


Microblading is so popular with PMU Artists not only because of the beautiful results. It also offers financial advantages over the purchase of a PMU machine. The consumables are much more reasonable than the ones for conventional PMU machines. For comparison: A hygiene needle with backflow protection costs depending on the manufacturer between 6, - € and 11, - €. A blade on the other hand is available starting at € 1.40. A reusable handpiece for Microblading starts from 19, - €. A simple entry-level device will cost at least 700, - €. Nevertheless, this will not have any impact on the treatment prices. Permanent Make Up is and will remain the Mercedes among beauty treatments. These and other aspects are the reasons why it is so popular to offer microblading when doing eyebrow pigmentation.


Anyone who once “bladed” will love it. Each hair-stroke can be set so precisely because guiding the blades along the canvas is so easy. Through its “slope-style” shape the direction of the blade is already given. However, the precise guidance of a 1pt. needle that goes in and out is a challenge. Especially if you want to draw the strokes in the direction of growth with a slight bend. Due to the vibration underneath the skin irregularities can arise quickly. With Microblading there is no vibration. It slides with gentle pressure along the skin, causing evenly curved strokes.

Time and Effort:

Preparation is half the battle. Solid knowledge of the eyebrows architecture and measuring are essential. Anyone who feels safe enough in drawing 3D hair strokes does not need to do a pre-sketching of those. It is enough to specify the shape giving it an outline. Once everything has been prepared it is a very efficient workflow. Considering that time is money it is quite effective with 1,5 hours per treatment incl. consultation, numbing, sketching and pigmentation. Therefore, the pigmentation time can be significantly reduced compared to the machine.


It is not to be ignored, that the Microblading technique can create crisp and more defined strokes. The correct pressure, distance to the neighbour-strokes and workflow are crucial. Especially for the healing process this is very important. Freshly made it looks perfect. To prevent any dissapointment after a few weeks there is much to be considered. A touch up is almost not avoidable (for a young skin). A mature skin takes the pigments better and due to the slower cell division does not loose it as quickly. When doing a touch up with microblading the strokes do not become smudgy or blurry. However, with the machine they will become wider until they blur into each other completely. With Microblading the same strokes can be passed over more often, without making it wider. Always keeping a crispy and defined stroke pattern.

Customer growth:

Finally it is up to every individual PMU Artist what he/she chooses for the eyebrow pigmentation. Despite all the doubts and counter-movements of some PMU manufacturers who claim that the “handmethod” does not last, Microblading has awaken a great interest to clients. This technique has literally caused a big wave of enthusiasm. Those who have never even considered Permanent Make Up will suddenly show up at the studio asking for treatment. Block brows and raster patterns from the past have plunged many potential clients. Thanks to Microblading the customer growth has increased significantly. Yesterday’s clients are the clients of tomorrow. Corrections of old shades are requested more than ever.


Microblading is more than just a trend. It allows even those who are not blessed with a divine natural talent, to get a good, consistent performance. Besides, it's a lot of fun and among us PMU Artists, we do what we do with great passion. All those who still have doubts - just try it. Of course, only on practice skin, if no qualified training was completed.