3D Brow Styles

Not only with mcroblading, but also when working with the machine a natural pigmentation in growth direction is becoming very popular these days. Stroke-patterns that look like an overturned garden fence are no longer appropriate. For an individual modeling of the eyebrows, solid knowledge of 3D hairstroke sketching is essential. Provided there is still brow-hair present, you should always study carefully the direction of growth. Here are a few examples of 3D hairstroke sketches. The brow shape is always the same in this case. It does not mean that it fits every face type. Always take under consideration the shape of the face and the natural expression of the eyebrow, so the customer has little effort (plucking) with the preservation of their individual eyebrow sculpting. If there is no hair at all, you are free to design your own 3D hairstroke pattern. But keep in mind that the Asian hairstroke pattern does not fit a Caucasian type (and vice versa). Every PMU Technician has its own artistic signature. However, you should be flexible and sometimes it is necessary to not comply with your default style. Each eyebrow is different. You can not apply the same style on every eyebrow.

Here are some suggestions on how to create a 3D eyebrow. These and other 3D drawing techniques you can learn in our WOWbrows "Customized" workshop. You will soon discover that each style follows a modular principle.

Advise: The following sketches were created with pencil. View only and do not copy them into a real eyebrow. Drawing hairs so closely with microblade or machine will blur into each other.