About us

My name is Melanie Labes. I am still a newcomer in the permanent makeup business. My former profession as an office clerk was not very fulfilling and during my maternity leave in 2010 I did not only spend a lot of time with my newborn but I also started thinking about my professional future. The beauty industry had always fascinated me. I decided to switch from being an office clerk to becoming a beauty-expert. For starters I graduated from permanent make up class, then I became a trained eyelash stylist and beautician. In fall 2013 was the first time I learned about the microblading technique. The results in the eyebrow hairstroke pigmentation have simply amazed me. With great enthusiasm, hard work and ambition I researched and practiced this extraordinary method. In 3D eyebrows workshops I got the necessary fine-tuning. I feel so blessed because everyday I get to do something I truly love. I enjoy looking into the perfectly happy faces of my customers. Eyebrows are no longer just a part of my PMU expertise, but they are my specialty.

Due to the lack of training opportunities (German-speaking) and the difficulty of purchasing microblading materials I founded WOWbrows. My concept addresses professionals in the beauty segment (B2B). It includes training courses for experienced PMU artists as well as for beginners and all those who want to learn it.

In the webshop you will find everything your microblading-heart desires. A wide product range of manual pens, blades, and tools to choose from. Always on the lookout for new, innovative and high quality products I intend to expand the range of products.